I was born and raised in Northern New Jersey where I currently reside. At the age of 17 I borrowed my mother’s Canon AE-1 (manual everything) camera and with the first roll of film, I had a car accident published in the local paper. Since then, I have been published in over 1,000 printed publications including The New York Times, Daily News, Bergen Record, Fire News Newspaper, Fire Rescue Magazine, JEMS Magazine, Firehouse Magazine, in addition to countless websites.

I am fortunate enough to be a World Trade Center Survivor and even have my work published in the September 11th Photo Project which was done by A&E Television.

Through the years I have been a volunteer EMT, Firefighter, and currently work as a Lieutenant for a Northern NJ Police Department. My passion has been photography and developing my skills. I currently do landscapes, landmarks, people, portraits, sports, models, and corporate work. With over tens of thousands of hits to my websites on a monthly basis, it is the support of my viewers, clients, and admirers that keep me motivated. More importantly, it is with the professional courtesy that agencies extend that allow me to bring the photos you see on my websites home to you.

Always remember that I provide a complimentary free set of prints to agencies as a “Thank You” for your courtesy. I truly appreciate the time you took to not only read this but view my work.

I cannot express my gratitude enough.

Thank you and stay safe,
Michael J. Coppola