Shortly before 330pm on Thursday, February 12th 2009 the Passaic NJ Fire Department responded to 189 8th St near Market St on a reported fire. First due units found an exterior fire which had completely consumed the exposure “D” walls of a 3sty 40x60 mixed occupancy multiple dwelling. Fire had already extended into each of the 3 floors and cockloft as well as into a 2sty brick exposure building. High wind conditions hampered operations as it quickly spread the fire. <p> A 2nd alarm was quickly called as companies attempted primary searches. Shortly thereafter, a 3rd alarm was requested bringing additional mutual aid into the city. Quick placement of 2.5” hand lines into the exposure building knocked down fire spread before it could further damage the commercial building. Crews were withdrawn from the original fire building as exterior operations took over the remainder of the fire. One firefighter received non-life threatening injuries.
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