5-30-06 - Paterson Train Derailment - East 16th Street & Govenor Street On Tuesday May 30th 2006 the Paterson Fire Department received a report from police of a train derailment on the Susquehanna rail line. First due units assessed the situation as the balance of the assignment stood by in staging. Initial assessments found a freight train with over 40 cars attached had derailed approximately 6 cars. Of those 6 cars, at least 2 went through a car wash establishment at East 16th St and Govenor St. It was determined that the damaged cars were carrying discarded construction debris. The damage to the car wash caused a major gas leak which took several hours to secure. Numerous agencies assisted with residential, commercial, and pedestrian evacuations that lasted throughout the night. Although the beginning of the train stopped only 3 blocks from the actual derailment, the balance of the cars stretched as far back as Madison Ave and Park Ave which ultimately cut the city in half causing the need for mutual aid to assist with city coverage. Cause of the derailment is unknown and there were no reported injuries.
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