7-02-05 - River Edge 4th Alarm - 2 Fenway Ct Shortly after noon on Saturday July 2nd, River Edge firefighters smoke showing from this 1.5sty 30X25 ranch. Initial reports were that a male victim may have still been in the basement. 1 line was streched to the basement along with a search team. Initial crews quickly found the victim and extricated same. Victim was initially in cardiac arrest and was later resucitated. Northstar medevac later transported the victim from Hackensack Med Ctr to another hospital for additional treatment. Due to the fast actions of the initial crews, the resident was successfully rescued. Mutual aid from numerous departments were needed as the gas fed fire in the basement and high heat conditions quickly ran down firefighters. Numerous firefighters were treated for heat exhaustion and 1 firefighter was injured during the rescue.
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